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Chocolate Sushi and Dim Sum with Chef Jorg Amsler

: $250.00

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In this course, Chef Jorg Amsler will teach you his techniques for creating a realistic-looking sushi presentation made of modeling chocolate! Learn how to sculpt and color individually hand-crafted replicas of sushi treats and Dim Sum. Craft a wooden platter to present your individual pieces on. Complete it with pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce!

Enhance your airbrushing skills to achieve the right look and enhance the pieces with sheen colors. Learn how to make modeling chocolate from scratch with just a few ingredients and different methods to work with it, using modeling tools. 

The techniques taught in this class can be used in many other show pieces, and will leave you with a general knowledge of imitating any savory culinary treats! 

Students please bring:

- Silicone mat
- Rolling pin
- Fondant modeling tools
- Small knife
- Small and medium brush
- Straight edge
- Scissors
- Ziplock bag
- Corn syrup for glue
- Corn starch


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