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Kenya Empress with Carla Puig - Partial Payment 1 of 3

: $267.00

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In this course we are going to learn how to model an African female bust using modeling chocolate and a dummie inside.
We will see the techniques to achieve facial features and realistice proprotions for an adult female face.
You are taught how to paint and make up the face with brushes, edible paint and fake eyelashes.
The final details of the piece will be made with fondant, going over techniques to make various textures and also coloring by hand.
The resulting piece is exhausitve and the students can apply their new knowledge to their own creations, opening a wide rage of new possibilities!

Piece Height: 37 cm / 15 inches

Applied Techniques:
-making an internal structure
-Explain how to prepare RTK and how to carve a cake. we are going to apply an alternate technique in class.
-sculpting realistic face with modeling chocolate
-hand painted and makeup of the face
- making the garmets and accessories

2 Day Class - Payment 1 of 3 - $800 total

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