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Wafer Paper and Artistic Use of Sweet Laces

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Multi award-winning international cake artist, Francesca Speranza, will be traveling from Italy to teach a 3 hour class at NY Cake Academy!

Renowned for her handpainting using lipo colors, for her “high and low relief” pieces, and for her modelling, she is coming to our Academy to teach Wafer Paper and Artistic Use of Sweet Laces..

On a 20 cm diameter dummy cake, you will learn how to make Roses and Magnolia flowers using wafer papers decorating them with an innovative technique that uses sweet laces as you never has used before.

The class will cover:

  • Creating beautiful wafer paper roses and Magnolia’s flowers
  • Innovative utilization of Sweet laces to decorate the dummy
  • Easy utilization of brushes and powder colors in order to give to the cake the perfect “trompe l’oeil”.
  • How to apply the flowers to the cake
  • Students will decide their own colors and flower placements 

About the instructor: 

Francesca  Speranza was born in 1977 in Leghorn (Tuscany - Italy), but  she is roman by adoption. Professionally, she was born as graphic and web designer. After working many years in advertising agencies, in 2007 she decided to begin a freelance. Her life has always been immersed in colors and since she was 10 years old the China painting has literally bewitched her. So one day, in 2012, she discovered by chance the wonderful world of the sugar paste and she thought "Why not to use the painting on this sweet medium ? lt was born her oil painting technique on cakes, HER trademark..Sugar paste, royal icing, wafer paper, airbrush, fat-soluble colors: the perfect mix that conveys sweet emotions. The passion is the engine to ìncrease the desire to learn and develop, the ìngredient that has always to be present. The passion that she tries to share with attendees to her  classes, where she teaches her painting technique, airbrush, modelling . ...and, of course, wafer papers flowers!

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