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Chocolate Techniques with Chef Jorg Amsler

: $250.00

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Join Chef Jorg Amsler and learn how to use chocolate in many more ways than just as part of a batter or recipe. Develop new techniques and methods for an advanced use of chocolate. Hand-craft individual decorative pieces and garnishes to be used in cake decorating, as accessories and learn how to construct individual chocolate show pieces. 

All supplies for this course will be provided by the instructor and are included in the price of the course. 


- A look at different techniques, methods and tools to be used when working with chocolate.
- Create your own decorations and garnishes (such as the chocolate dragon shown below)

- Learn about the wide variety of different chocolates such as couverture, dipping chocolate, coatings and candy melt
- Different methods of tempering chocolate
- Make your own modeling chocolate and compare its use to real chocolate
- Choosing the right tools and equipment to complete a chocolate show piece
- Designs and techniques on piping chocolate
- Different mold making materials such as Elastac and silicones. Choose the right one for the job and learn how to use them.
- Understand environmental factors, such as humidity that can cause problems.


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