Designed by pastry professionals, Baking & Pastry Fundamentals covers a comprehensive curriculum of baking techniques, principals, theories and of course, serious kitchen skills. Our diverse program consists of 10 different classes categorized into two certificate series—Pastry Essentials and Cake Baking Essentials—each containing 5 individual class topics for completion. Gain the foundational skills that all good pastry chefs rely on to create delicious, perfectly baked sweets and master the key techniques to take their baking to the next level.

Built for baking enthusiasts who want a deep dive into specific areas of study, or a thorough background for kitchen success, students can sign up for individual classes or a full 5-class series to become NY Cake Certified!

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Pastry Essentials
Build your toolkit of must-know pastry techniques through our Pastry Essentials Certificate series. You’ll learn a variety of pastry-related skills and critical kitchen knowledge to master sweet staples like cookies, pies, tarts, éclairs, puff pastry, and quick breads. With techniques to create & shape doughs, make classing fillings, and put the perfect finishes on your delicious treats, you’ll have the tools to make all of your favorites from start to finish! Take all five classes to receive your Pastry Essentials Certificate, or study à la carte to hone specific areas of interest.

Cake Baking Essentials
Before you can decorate, you must bake! Our Cake Baking Essentials Certificate series will provide you with the tools and techniques to ensure your cakes not only look great, but taste delicious too! You’ll understand the nuances of cake baking, learn to make classic frosting & fillings, and master the basics of cake layer assembly. We’ll cover everything from cupcakes and classic layer cakes to mousse cakes, using chocolate and cakes for specialty diets. Take all five classes to receive your Cake Baking Essentials Certificate, or study à la carte to hone specific areas of interest.

Buttercream Certificate Series
The foundation of all cake decorating is buttercream! From applications for cake assembly—layering, stacking and frosting—to a versatile medium for decorating, buttercream is an essential component to master. Learn the strengths and weaknesses between various types of buttercream, including how to make them and the best application for each style. Practice using different tools to express your creativity including the spectrum of piping tips (including Russian tips), cake combs, spatulas, and palette knives. Gain the skills to create textures and shapes through piping, ribbons, spirals, horizontal stripes, drop flowers, abstract strokes, and modern buttercream flowers for beautifully decorated cakes. Take all five classes to receive your Buttercream Essentials certificate, or study à la carte to hone specific areas of interest. 

Fondant Certificate Series
Mastered your Buttercream Skills?  
It’s time to step into the fabulous world of Fondant.   

This 100% edible “sugar dough”  expands cake creativity beyond the boundaries of Buttercream.  Our 5 separate fondant courses will enable you to explore a multitude of techniques; including textures such as fabric, concrete and marbling.  Cake carving, dazzling geodes in cake form and even Lisa Mansour’s famous fondant shoe will also be covered in this Certificate Series.  

Discover the secrets to successfully working with fondant and the correct tools for achieving professional results.

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